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Itinerary 3: Wines of Monte Emilius

You will discover that, from the time of the Romans, the vineyard has been the daughter of the mountain.

Wines of Monte Emilius

Located at the crossroads of the most important Alpine hills of the Gran and Piccolo San Bernardo, in a magnificent Alpine basin crowned by Mount Emilius, the city of Aosta has long been an important strategic travel hub. Aptly named the Rome of the Alps, it inherited from the Roman colony Augusta Praetoria the orthogonal urban installation still quite visible today in the historic center.

But Aosta also hosts important medieval ruins, churches and residences of the feudal lords that for centuries fought for the dominion over the valley.

All around the city, the vineyards and the mountains are truly close enough to touch and this route guarantees tourists and fans of flavor a fascinating itinerary through local traditions, natural beauties, and the historic and archeological signs of the capital of the Valle d'Aosta.

  • District capital: Aosta, 2003 wine city
  • Length of itinerary: 35 km in 7 municipalities
  • No. of associates: 15
  • Signage: to be placed
  • Wine heritage: the native vineyards Cornalin, Fumin, Mayolet, Premetta, Petit Rouge, Vien de Nus and the traditional variety Nus Malvoisie, a local selection of Pinot Grigio.
  • Significant vineyards: vineyards of the Côte de Gargantua, Rovettaz vineyard, and vines of the Castle of Nus
Wines produced along the itinerary

Wine producers

Bianquin Ildo

Private winemaker Charvensod
Bianquin Ildo: wine producer
The farm is specialized in the production and bottling of wines obtained exclusively from working its own vineyards of the business.

Curtaz Diego

Private winemaker Gressan
Diego Curtaz: wine producer
The farm has about 50 hectoliters of red wine per year; the 3 wines that are produced are a table wine and 2 Vallée d'Aoste DOC wines.

Le Clocher of Charrère Danilo

Private winemaker Jovençan
The wine business of Charrère Danilo produces 20,000 bottles per year; tastings available by appointment.

Les Granges

Private winemaker Nus
The owners of the wine business Les Granges
The vineyards extend over 2.6 hectares with a current production of 14,000 bottles of quality wine from various grape varieties.

Maison Agricole D&D

Private winemaker Aosta
Maison Agricole D&D
A small family run farm founded in 2002 founded with the goal of maintaining the family land and to recover abandoned parcels.

Maison Vigneronne Frères Grosjean

Private winemaker Quart
It was then in 1969 that Father Dauphin began to bottle his wine involving his 5 children in the activity.

Praz Constantin

Private winemaker Jovençan
The vineyards
The vineyards are located at an altitude between 650 and 800 m exposed on the north; they are partly local and partly international.

Quinson Pierre Philippe

Private winemaker Quart
The wine business of Quinson Pierre Philippe produces 8,000 bottles per year; tastings available by reservation.

Rosset Nicola

Private winemaker Quart
Rosset Nicola: wine producer
The wine business produces 20,000 bottles per year; it organizes wine tastings for groups.


Hotel Restaurant Mont Velan2 stars

Itinerary 3


Hotel Mont Velan
Near Alta Via Number 1 and on the Via Francigena is a small facility with family management guaranteeing courtesy and kindness.

Hotel Des Alpes3 stars

Itinerary 3


Hotel Des Alpes
A hotel facility located at 1650 m, set in nature and ideal for relaxing and purifying stays.

Hotel Le Charaban3 stars

Itinerary 3


Hotel Le Charaban
The hotel, located at 2 km from the centre of Aosta, offers a warm and welcoming ambiance and magnificent panoramic views.

Hotel Village3 stars

Itinerary 3


Hotel Village
A park not far from the centre of Aosta composed of 10 mountain chalets made of wood and stone.

Alpine refuges

Rifugio Chaligne

Itinerary 3


The refuge
On the Alpe Chaligne, along the track going from Buthier to Pointe Chaligne, the refuge can even be reached by MTB.